Volunteer Database

One of the common themes we first encounter when talking to our retired members is that a lot of you feel that once you retire, a lifetime’s skills and experience are lost to the Fire Service. Many of our members feel that they would like to exercise these skills and still be able to contribute positively to their local communities.

As one of the main aims of the SFRS Retired Employees Association is to cater for the members’ requirements, we have set up a Volunteer Network. It is our intention not to make the Volunteer Network a one-dimensional set-up but rather to offer a range of options for REA members to volunteer for – from Community Fire Safety initiatives to visiting elderly forums or disadvantaged groups.

Training and uniforms are provided, and we help to update our members’ skills and ensure they are equipped with the latest up to date information and support.

If you are interested in putting your name forward for the Volunteer Network and getting back into the swing of things within the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, please contact Joe at joe.harkins@firescotland.gov.uk to be registered on our Volunteer Database.

You can also get a flavour of the type of things volunteers get up to by clicking on any of the links below:

Old firemen never die

Delivering a history lesson


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