Welcome to the SFRS Retired Employees Association website


Hello, and welcome to the website of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Retired Employees Association. Please take some time to have a look around and feel free to leave some feedback.

On our site you’ll find information about how to join the SFRS REA, and our archives of videos, photographs and magazines. We’ll also add details of retiral celebrations, or BNOs (as we call Big Nights Out!), so keep coming back for all the latest news from YOUR association.

And that’s the thing to remember, this is YOUR association, and it’s your website too. So, please get in touch with REA Chairman Joe Harkins if you would like to see something on this site that’s not already here. Your feedback will be very gratefully received.

You can get in touch with Joe by email at joe.harkins@firescotland.gov.uk or by telephone on 01698 402238.