A warm welcome from the East hub of the REA


By David Martin, REA East Co-ordinator

A very warm welcome to the East Hub section of the new REA website, supported by the new  Scottish Fire and Rescue Service,  if you served in either Central Fife or L& B relax, you are in the right section!

As a volunteer co-ordinator for the EAST HUB of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Retired Employees Association my job will be to assist retired employees in any way I can, or at least point you in the right direction, from welfare to pensions to home support in troubled times. We hope to offer a service to the local community based on our collective experience knowledge gained from our years in the Fire Service, there will also be a social side to the REA which I hope we can engender.

My colleague Colin Emerson and I retired in Feb 2009 from L& B, we both felt that after 30 odd years working together that it was a terrible shame for us all just go our separate ways and only occasionally see old colleagues at either at Tesco or at a football match, so  we set up and now run the L&B  retirement club called Fireaway – you can take a look at Fireaway’s website here: http://www.fireawayclub.com/page/page/6683789.htm

We meet every to months in the Guildford pub  in Central Edinburgh, kinda like a watch night out in style (without the boxing !).

From a standing start we have over 160 members now and our average attendance is about 20. No two nights are ever the same and you never know who is going to turn up, we regularly arrange trip to premiership games, do a bit of Munro bagging, or even just walks in the Pentland Hills, always followed by a hearty meal and small refreshment. We have a website, which through our message board we use to spread information which we feel the guys would want to know, we get hits from all over the world accessing our website, which is always intriguing as to their connection to L&B

I would hope in time to setup, with local guys help, something along the same lines in Fife and Central, perhaps even arrange joint trips either walking, or football matches or any suggested trips.

So, once again a warm welcome to this exciting new development, I hope you take the time to have a look round and if you have any suggestions or anything you would like to have posted (photos, stories etc) or even just to say hello  please contact me on  davidmartin21@btinternet.com or mobile 0773 864 3279.